Friday, April 2, 2010


Brainmatics describe as logic puzzle, this puzzle will need your thinking, your creativity and of course your experience on playing the puzzle. Brainmatic online currently have spread and become favor by webmaster be installed on their website as interest of people to come regularly to their website.
Game creator also uses this kind of puzzle to fulfill the need of game player on line that become more and more on this internet. Game designer are race to create the game in order to be favor by game player. Usually they create free edition and pay edition, so all game player will feel curious to play the full edition. if this can be succeed mean more money for game producer, and will have big income for game designer.

Some creator statement that their brainmatic can make children more creative, make their brain will develop and improve and will support the brain development, but the real condition can happen reverse, children more lazy to study but more prefer to play the game and this is a poison for children. Children will looking more game, new game, more challenge game and so on, game and game. This mean the benefit for game creator will get more money for their game.

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